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The leading ESG Solution for businesses in the food industry

Backed by the BRCGS and powered by Ecodesk, ESG Lead is a new ESG compliance and performance tool, created specifically for the food industry.


Why environmental, social and governance practices are important for the food industry

Demonstrating responsible business practices has never been more important in the food industry. Retailers, stakeholders, and consumers increasingly look to businesses to do the right thing when it comes to demonstrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) maturity. Compliance guidelines in ESG will continue to evolve, and getting ahead of incoming legislative and compliance change is crucial for businesses to build resilience.

Building such practices through benchmarking, researching, evaluating, and reporting is extensive. Without sustainability departments, experts, or consultants, taking ownership and therefore advantage of the processes can seem overwhelming. ESG Lead is the tool to help you make that happen.

The solution

ESG Lead is a tool tailored for businesses in the food industry, providing members of the food value chain with the tools and guidance to measure their impact meaningfully and make improvements to meet growing ESG requirements and legislation.

It has been created to provide those looking after compliance, quality or sustainability with an easy-to-use tool that provides tailored guidance on ESG performance and how to improve it, as well as reporting it back to the wider business, stakeholders, and customers.


Why us

Backed by supply chain assurance leader BRCGS and powered by sustainability data expert Ecodesk, ESG Lead is a simple-to-use, affordable impact and reporting tool created for food and food-related businesses, no matter how big or small.

Drawing upon the shared expertise of Ecodesk and BRCGS, ESG Lead delivers relevant and practical guidance and implementation techniques designed to drive real and immediate improvements in ESG performance.

ESG Lead provides the roadmap for businesses to differentiate themselves by mapping against future ESG legislation to put members of the food chain ahead of target deadlines to help unlock future commercial success.

By evaluating and sharing your performance today, you are putting yourself a step ahead, bettering your business commercially, socially, and environmentally. Tap into ESG Lead to future-proof your business.

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How It Works

Through ESG Lead, every site within an organisation can deliver and share tangible outputs with those who matter most to your business.


Once you have entered information about your organisation’s performance and established your targets within the platform, ESG Lead will deliver curated targets and guidance to build a robust and lasting responsible business framework.

Set and measure commitment

Define the future of your business while tracking and measuring your progress.


Access expert guidance on actions and processes designed to deliver continuous improvement.


Share reports and progress tailored to every type of stakeholder.


Improve at scale by inviting your value chain to participate and enable the measurement of ESG impact across the industry.

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About the BRCGS Partnership

BRCGS, an LGC Assure company, made a significant investment into the development of ESG Lead. The partnership with BRCGS means ESG Lead operates within compliance frameworks and works alongside highly respected compliance auditors.

As a leading provider of assurance services aimed at improving consumer protection and driving brand reputation through compliance, BRCGS is ideally placed as a partner to enable the food sector to respond to emerging customer requirements with data that can be trusted. The partnership provides digital capability and domain expertise in both ESG and compliance, that will bring scalability and credibility. 

About Ecodesk

Ecodesk, are data experts who make it easier, faster, more reliable, and less expensive for any organisation to make smarter Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) driven decisions.

Our vision is to create the primary source of ESG data that producers, manufacturers, analysts, corporates, investors, rating agencies and civic society can rely on to make smarter decisions that mitigate risk, power ratings, and analyse and identify areas of future long-term value.

We’ve worked with over 12,000 organisations in 100 countries to help them make smarter ESG-driven decisions. Our latest offering helps businesses in the food industry measure their ESG performance by site and uses data to provide guidance and advice to improve, helping them to differentiate for commercial success and be responsible and resilient business.

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